Diabetes Specialty Center


Wahiawā Health has developed a culturally relevant and integrated care team model to address uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension in our community. This care team is composed of a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, community health outreach worker, and population health coordinator, who work alongside our primary care physicians and behavioral health team. Our diabetes management team provides education to our diabetes patients to help improve their quality of life, self-manage their illness, and reduce medical costs. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes must take extra care to maintain their health and well-being.

The diabetes and hypertension integration program provides support to help patients every step of the way. Services include:

  • Diabetes screening, diagnosis, prevention and evaluation
  • Improved health through recommended lifestyle changes, patient education, nutrition counseling and dietry management
  • Lowering A1c levels, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Behavioral health evaulation including depression and stress screening
  • Physical activity guidance
  • Weight and stress management
  • Eye and foot exams
  • Monitoring of oral medications and, if required, insulin use

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In-person and telehealth services are available to current patients, new patients and those who do not have insurance.

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Diabetes Specialty Center:

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Diabetes Prevention Program:

Other Services

Our care team provides a variety health screenings and physical exams to keep you healthy and to detect possible diseases in the early stages when treatment is the most effective. Routine immunizations, family planning, and disease management are also offered by our highly qualified providers.
Wahiawā Health offers in-house pharmacy services to provide patients with integrated medication management, prescription accuracy and convenience.
Wahiawā Health’s expanded women’s services include full OB/GYN care through our partnerships and pediatric department.