Our pediatric services specialize in caring for the youngest members of your ʻohana. Our services help keiki grow up healthy from birth to adulthood. Pediatric services include:

  • Health screening and assessment
  • Well-baby exams: From newborn to 18 years old, these include physical examinations, health screenings, immunizations and checkpoints to ensure your baby is on track for a healthy development. For more information and recommended exam schedules please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website
  • Lactation support: Wahiawā Health provides lactation support for new mothers with our on-staff lactation specialist.
  • Well-child exam: From kindergarten to 18 years of age, these include physical examinations, health screenings and immunizations.
  • School and sports physicals: Similar to the well-child exam, these physicals record weight, height, and a variety of other functions to ensure the overall health of your child. A sports physical determines if a child or teen’s body is healthy and capable of participating in sporting activities safely. For necessary forms please click here.
  • Acute care (such as injury or infection)
  • Immunizations: At Wahiawā Health we follow the vaccination schedule provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but as a federally qualified health center we do not deny care based on personal beliefs. As such, we offer consultations for any questions, concerns, or for those who may have missed immunizations and are looking to resume their vaccine schedules. The recommended vaccination schedule for children up to the age of 18.

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In-person and telehealth services are available to current patients, new patients and those who do not have insurance.

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Pediatrics – Suite 215

Mon-Wed: 7am – 6pm
Thur-Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 7am – 5pm
**Saturdays may vary based on providers availability**

Other Services

Our care team provides a variety health screenings and physical exams to keep you healthy and to detect possible diseases in the early stages when treatment is the most effective. Routine immunizations, family planning, and disease management are also offered by our highly qualified providers.
Wahiawā Health offers in-house pharmacy services to provide patients with integrated medication management, prescription accuracy and convenience.
Wahiawā Health’s expanded women’s services include full OB/GYN care through our partnerships and pediatric department.