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Incorporated in 2012 and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, Wahiawā Health received official designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in December 2017.

Wahiawā Health brings affordable, high quality, and accessible care to the people of Wahiawā – regardless of ability to pay and on a sliding discount. This, being consistent with Wahiawā’s mission: “In the spirit of Aloha and compassion, Wahiawā Health provides access to affordable, quality health care and wellness services to promote a healthy community.”

Wahiawā Health’s inception is the direct result of a vision held by the late Senator Inouye who wanted to ensure this geographically isolated area was adequately served. This vision is now considered a Senator Inouye legacy project by the Hawai’i Congressional Delegation.

Wahiawā Health’s service area is designated by the USDA as a “rural” community; and also federally designated as a Medically Underserved Population, or MUP (census tracts 91.00 – 94.00). The MUP designation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA) is a clear demonstration and documentation of an inadequate amount of primary care clinicians and the areas poor socio-economic indicators. The Wahiawā MUP (about 23,000 residents) is also the only MUP in Hawai`i that is not within the immediate service area (or served by) an existing Community Health Center – a gap Wahiawā Health is going to fill.

The Hawai`i Department of Health is working with HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care to designate the Wahiawā – Waialua areas as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA). A HPSA designation comes with a numerical score that prioritizes the areas for additional priority funding and services. Wahiawā Health’s enhanced service area includes Census Tracts 90, 95.01, 95.02, 95.03, 95.04 and 95.05 which make up the bulk of zip code 96786. Individuals living in designated areas such as these have demonstrated increased over-utilization of costly emergency room services, are in greater need of multi-disciplinary care team based approaches, and ultimately save 3rd party payers hundreds of thousands of dollars through a decrease in use of unnecessary services.

We invite you to read through the information on this website, learn about the project and support the effort to bring these much needed medical resources to the Wahiawā Community.



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