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From the 2015 Assessment:

As a developing community health center, the Wahiawā Center for Community Health (WCCH) is required to perform an updated Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to determine the health needs of the community of Wahiawā. The CHNA approach follows a public health model of assessing and understanding community health in a holistic sense (Barnett, 2012). The framework for analysis used in this CHNA was constructed based on determinants of health (social, economic and physical environmental factors). (CDC, 2014; Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2015). The goal of this report is to provide documentation that leads to community health improvement efforts and more specifically, to provide documentation that the Wahiawā Center for Community Health (WCCH) can use to comply with loan and grant regulations as well as apply for additional funding opportunities.

The data collection of the CHNA included two components: a 2-page health needs survey and dialogue with focus groups. The survey was circulated at various sites and amongst various groups within Wahiawā. The focus groups worked with a small set of community residents, representing various populations residing in Wahiawā in order to provide additional insights on the health needs in Wahiawā. A summary of the major findings upon analyzing the data from the surveys and focus groups revealed the following:

I.  Top 5 Health/Social Problems identified by community members

a. Drug Use (60%)
b. Lack of Affordable Housing (52%)
c. Diabetes (47%)
d. Obesity (40%)
e. Jobs (38%)

II. Summary of Health Access

a. Majority (86%) of survey respondents go outside of Wahiawā for medical care
b. 61% of survey respondents have visited a doctor for a routine physical within the past year. 22% have done this between one and two years ago. For 7%, it has been five years or more.
c. Almost 20% of respondents needed to see a doctor in the past year but did not do so due to cost.
d. Almost half of the respondents (42%) reported that they delayed getting needed medical care in the past year. Of this group, the majority stated that it was due to not being able to get an appointment soon enough and long wait times once arriving at the clinic/doctor’s office.
e. 96% of survey respondents report having medical insurance. 21% have Med-QUEST, 19% have Medicare and 5% have Medicaid. 4% remain uninsured.
f. Only a slight majority (56%) of respondents reported having visited a dentist within the past year. 16% have visited between 1 and 2 years ago; and 15% have visited between 2 and 5 years ago. 4% have never been to a dentist.

III. Top 5 chronic health diagnoses as reported by survey respondents

a. High Blood Pressure/Hypertension (41%)
b. High Blood Cholesterol (32%)
c. Asthma (32%)
d. Overweight/Obese (28%)
e. Diabetes (26%)

IV. Summary of community health services desired by the community

a. A community resource center space where community members can go to learn about events and services as well as meet with support groups and participate in other activities
b. A safe, clean place for children to play and affordable child care services
c. A variety of activities for youth/teens
d. Alternatives to western medical care services (i.e. naturopathy and Native Hawaiian healing)
e. Access to outdoor space to grow plants and gather
f. To remain updated with the progress of the WCCH and to keep communication open about ways that they can contribute to this progress

Wahiawā Community Health Needs Assessment  2015

Wahiawā Community Health Needs Assessment  2012



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